Is my simple plan going to work?

Eat lean, as it only eat complex carbs, fruit, vegetables lean meat, good fats, nothing processed, minimal sugar, white flour, and saturated fats no trans fats etc (If I do this I presume I wont need to count calories or go hungry, I will just be able to eat when I want, because the food wont be calorie dense because its full of water, fiber, and other nutrients that fill you up without packing in the calories, so you dont need to count)

Workout with compound weights 3 times a week for 45 mins

Hill sprints (10 sprints up a 50 meter 35 degree hill) x1 per week

Then sit down at computer 24 7 the rest of the time (this is my life style hard to change due to work and world of warcraft)

Is my plan gonna fail?

Counting calories is hard and it sucks.

I also eat carbs as a staple, I like complex carbs like wholemeal bread, oats, lentals, yams, potatoes with skin on, etc I eat these as at least 1/3 of my meals, I hear carbs are frowned upon? But complex carbs are good right?

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