Men and Women Losing Weight

Men and Women Losing Weight

Article by Nazima Golamaully

Many people think that how does the other lose weight so easily and in some other cases how come she doesn’t gain any weight? It seems unfair that some people gain weight so easily while others don’t, no matter what they eat. Similarly, some women think that why is it easy for men to eat so much and not gain weight or how is it so easy for them to lose weight? One may feel it is unfair that she can easily gain weight as compared to men but it is due to the large parts of the male bodies. From early ages since the beginning of the human civilization men have evolved with more muscle mass as compared to women.

From early ages men have had more muscle, since men had to hunt for their food in different climates and conditions. The extra muscle in men made it easier for them to fight with large prey and use their energy efficiently for different purposes. The opposite gender, women have more body fat as compared to men and naturally women need the extra fat for extra calorie requirements during pregnancy and breastfeeding their babies.

Since men naturally have more muscle mass they are able to use more calories and so they don’t gain weight easily as compared to women. But as men have extra muscle mass they also burn calories faster. In some cases men still gain weight and once they do gain weight they have a lot of health issues and problems as compared to fat women.

In men fats usually accumulate in the midsection and in women the fats usually accumulate near the thighs and hips. Fats in the midsection are close to the heart and can lead to heart diseases.Women might think that nature is against them or unfair with them but this doesn’t mean women can have muscle mass. You can find female wrestlers and many other women who have a lot of muscle mass besides fats. If there are more muscles in the body, fats will automatically decrease because muscles will need more energy and burn fats and you will have a better shaped and toned body. Similarly if you have more muscle mass than before you can eat more calories as they will be burnt easily.

Losing weight is never an easy task for men or women. The key for men and women to maintain a healthy life and not gaining weight is to have a balanced diet which is full of fresh foods and exercise regularly. The best way is to eat 5 to 6 small meals everyday so your metabolism rate is high and energy levels are balanced.

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