5 tips to lose weight fast without much effort.

5 tips to lose weight fast without much effort.

Article by Leo li

Tired of being fat and ugly? fear of looking into the mirror because of your poor self image, and wished you were slimmer? Ever felt annoyed that friends always say you are chubby and cute?? You know you really need to look slimmer that why you came here. This is the right place for you!Now, imagine yourself with your desired figure and people admiring your body; going to the beach with more confidence, and able to wear your favorite beach wear without getting wrong attention; imagine your friends telling you that they’ve find you a totally different person, looking better, healthier and more cheerful than before. Whats best is that you can still enjoy eating while, not restricting yourself to only low-carb food!! No! Neither do you have to keep doing the strenuous exercises that you always hated! That’s great isn’t it?

Now I will show you how to do it; the things you might not know that will effect your weight loss, and also how to cheat your body to lose that excess weight in a healthy way……;-]

1) Eat more.

That’s right. The problem with the us today, is that we tends to think that the more you eat the more weight you gain, that the wrong idea. The weight is gained because the food is still undigested yet, it has nothing to do with fats.

How come I said eat more? That’s because, when you eat more, the body will be able to have a higher metabolism rate. Now, the problem is how to eat more and still lose weight? This is the next point I am going to share with you now.

2) Cheating your body.

No, its not what you think it is. When I say this, it means cheating your body to increase your metabolism rate. In the previous point I’ve said that you have to eat more. but You have to eat proportionally. A small portion of food every 3 to 4 hours. You may think its too much even though you only eat a small portion every meal. Yes. You see, if you already think that you eat too much, this is exactly what your body may feel, too. It is because the body can’t tell how much food is in the stomach, as you eat a little bit by bit. your body might pass off as you’re eating too much, and so the body will increase its metabolism rate and digest faster to get rid of excess calories, which actually there’s none, because you had eaten less than what you imagine. If you still think you’re eating too much, feel feel to reduce the amount of food per meal, but don’t take away too much or else this method won’t work effectively.

3) Power of water

Drink 8 to 10 glass of water everyday. You may think that drinking this much water will let your body gets edema or swelling. But its a common misconception. water actually hydrolyze and detox your body, letting the unwanted stuff out. And when you drink more, it will let your metabolism rate increase. It also helps to break down complex food molecules in your body.Well, of course you don’t drink too much, as it will lead you to water intoxication, but thats another issue.

4) Gain muscle to lose weight (not lose weight and gain muscle).

Do a bit of weight training, just not too much that it will get you all too bulky, if you don’t want that to happen! Do the right amount of weight lifting and your fats will start to burn off by itself! Make sure you feel the muscles aching, because when that happens, your muscles are growing at the same time, helping to burn away your fats. So as long as the aching is there, fats are being burnt off. Don’t over-do it as it will damage your muscle tissues and make you muscular even if you don’t want that to happen. Do the right amount that feels right.

But what if you gain too much unwanted muscles? Then you would want to do lots of stretching.

5) Stretching.

Stretching is very important as it help muscles to loosen out a bit and let your body become more flexible and fine-tuned. Same as weight training, you need to feel your muscles aching or feeling pulled. It will help improve your blood circulation, and when your blood circulates it will run off the fats blockage in your blood vessels. In fact, stretching is one on the easiest ‘exercise’ to lose weight without gaining muscles, and make your body more firm than before. Its also the workout I like to work on best.

These are the steps I take, and even though there’ s nothing special about it, the results are tremendous. I feel more confident and better about myself ever since.

Some other ways I do to burn off fats are dancing, and skating. You should also work on some sports you like, and shouldn’t be too lazy, because losing weight is a goal you set for yourself…..

Wait, now that I have come to an end, and you still think that what i’ve said is not easy enough or simply think what i’ve said are lame, then how about taking it to the next level by checking out what this program have to offer. I’m sure you’ll gain something.


You’ll learn the secret of losing weight, step by step guide and more.

see you there :)

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