The Best Ways to Build Muscle, Lose Fat and Be Happy

The Best Ways to Build Muscle, Lose Fat and Be Happy

Article by Max Powers

A lot of people have said that you can either build muscle lose fat, but you cannot do both. As so many experts have told us this we believe that it is true. Because we do not believe it we never actually look into the possibility of gaining muscle while losing fat at the same time. But trust me it can be done! With summer just around the corner is a great time to get our bodies in shape and looking their best so we can hit the beach feeling good about ourselves.

What went on a talk about in this article is how we can gain muscle lose fat and look good by getting the results that we desire. What you need to understand is that there is going to be a combination of good nutrition and exercise to help us achieve this. Most of us enjoy a healthier diet in these days but with a little tweak here and there you will get the desired results faster than you expect.

The first step, and probably most important, to build muscle lose fat and look good is to have a good exercise regime planned for you. If you do not provide yourself with a daily workout then the plan will fail. You will want to give a specific muscle group a good workout at the least every 4 to 6 days. By leaving them for this time period it will help stimulate muscles and they will grow whereas if you concentrated on one muscle group constantly you will not give the muscle time to grow between your sessions.

The Diet That Goes Along With It

So that is how you can build your muscles successfully. Now I will talk about the most important part of your plan which is your diet. This is really where you either succeed or fail in losing weight while attempting to build muscles.

You should always try and provide your body with a good amount of protein everyday. Eating foods that provide you with a high metabolism also help you burn excess body fat. Make sure to avoid the wrong sorts of calories that can give you the complete opposite effect to what I have just described.

When planning your diet you should always choose to eat foods which are high in protein. These can include eggs, fish and even a lean chicken breast with the skin off. Try and eat a good portion of these foods after you have completed your workout.

A lot of people believe that any fat in foods are bad to you. This is not the case as mono unsaturated fats help in testosterone production. These fats can be found in such things as extra virgin olive oil and vegetables like avocado. Try to limit the amount that you eat daily to around 3 teaspoons a day of the extra virgin olive oil.

When completing your workout, try eating foods such as jam or honey after as this will satisfy the bodies need the sugar and it will also help the body absorb protein.

Finally instead of eating three large meals a day try eating six smaller portion meals a day as this helps to increase your metabolism. A common mistake is that most of the time we eat until we feel full but it takes our bodies at least 20 minutes for all the food to digestive systems usually causing us to overeat.

By following the simple plans and rules you will be able to build muscle lose fat and be happy at the same time and you will be able to see yourself that it is not impossible.

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