How To lose Fat Whilst Gaining Muscle

How To lose Fat Whilst Gaining Muscle

Article by John Greenbank

When we talk to most people about losing fat whilst gaining muscle most of the fitness gurus say it can’t be done and you should only concentrate on one at a time. But it can be done, but obviously not to the same extent as if you was just trying to lose fat or trying to gain muscle. If you are overweight its highly likely that your body fat percentage is fairly high. By starting an exercise and diet program designed specifically for allowing you to build muscle and lose fat, your body fat levels should drop at a fast rate.

First thing you need to do is is make a plan, work out the amount of calories you need to sustain your weight. Then base a diet plan around this amount that is 50% carbs 40% protein and 10% fats. Your aim will be to lose 2 pounds of fat each week whilst gaining 2 pounds of muscle. What you will see is your body weight will stay exactly the same but your body fat percentage will drop week after week.

Once you have your diet plan sorted, you will need to start lifting weights at least 3 times per week. Design a workout plan that will give each body part 4 days complete rest before you work that body part again. You will be lifting each set in the 4 to 7 repetition range and training to failure. By doing this you are making sure that you are hitting the muscle hard and it also helps in sending your metabolic rate into overdrive which will help in burning lots of fat from your body.

You will also need to add cardio training into your exercise plan, which will help in burning fat. The best fat burning cardio workout. Is 20 minutes of high intensity interval training, this type of training is fantastic because its short which stops you getting bored and two it will elevate your metabolism for many hours following your workout.

The last and most important part of the puzzle is stick at it, stick to your diet and exercise plan. Makes changes if you see things are not working. If you’re losing weight too quickly, increase your daily calorie intake. If your body fat is not moving increase your cardio workouts. Its all about getting to know your body and what works best for you.

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John Greenbank has been writing articles for many few years now and after following a healthy sensible diet and exercise program he has managed to lose over 30 pounds so far and keep it off. He also runs a website about interlocking foam mats, which reviews and lists some of the best interlocking exercise mats on the market.

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