Walking For Fat Loss – My Secret Weapon

Walking For Fat Loss – My Secret Weapon

Article by Nick Robertson

Most people, usually after a bout with the scale, decide one day to shed some extra weight, and they promise themselves that today is really the day, they day they get serious. Then comes reality, the thought of hour after hour spent in the gym, running on a treadmill or pumping iron until you can barely move. And, in the end, that kind of thought process is what will keep your from succeeding, that what you have to do is so extreme, it’s nearly impossible, so why even try.

If you haven’t been following that kind of program, there’s probably a very good reason why. You don’t want to. And to try to do it now would certainly result in failure, not to mention a few injuries. Everywhere you turn for advice, you’ll get the same thing, start slow, with a game plan that you’re able to complete, and move up slowly. Starting with a plan such as walking for fat loss will work for any the most die hard couch potato. And it will work for you for a variety of reasons.

Walking for fat loss is simple, it’s something you’ve been doing you whole life, it’s almost completely free of the risk of injury, and it will cost you nothing. Surely you own a pair of sneakers. Sure, you could join a gym, fork over the money for a processing fee and montly membership. You could hire a personal trainer who will design a complete program just for you, push you to the point you puke, and then take your money. In the end, due to the fact that you can’t physically do what he or she demands of you, it’s just gotten too expensive, and the fact that you’ll probably end up paying gym fees to a gym that you never attend, you totally give up. So, once again, consider walking for fat loss, which is free.

You can walk anywhere, anytime, even in bad weather. You can take a quick walk around your block, around your neighborhood, the local park or, in case of bad weather, the mall. The risk of injury is probably the lowest of any exercise program in existence. So all you need now is a just a little guidance on how to correctly perform walking for fat loss to maximize your gains.

Start off slow, maybe just all the way around the block. Do that for a few days, then add another block. Always increase by just a small amount, whatever you’re comfortable with. Once a week, increase the distance. After two or three weeks, you should be able to walk for 20 minutes without stopping. After another two or three weeks, you should be up to 30 minutes. Your ultimate goal should be between 30 and 45 minutes of continuous walking.

Now, it’s not just a matter of time or distance. Speed will play an important part in this. You must walk at a pace that is pushing you to the point that your heart rate is raised and your breathing is at least somewhat labored. Now, you never want to be walking at such a fast pace that you can’t carry on a normal conversation. If you’re struggling to talk, slow down slightly.

But to be successful, you must push yourself harder and harder. Now, we’re not talking Biggest Loser type of pushing. The great thing about walking for fat loss is that you can do it at your own personal level. But set goals for yourself. Pick out a location to try to reach before you turn back for home. Time yourself to see if you can reach that point quicker than the day before. Or pick a location that is slightly farther in your halfway point than the day before.

You can also use hand weights later on. That will make the walking a little more difficult to perform, a little more of a raised heart rate and labored breathing. But you will also benefit in that your will be somewhat toning your upper body. When you walk, you tone your lower body, so the weights help the toning process throughout your body. So try this plan for walking for fat loss, and once you have mastered that, shed a few pounds, lost a little body fat, then you may consider something more strenous. Or not. The point is, you’re off the couch and making progress.

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