Is the Cross Traininer/Elliptical Machine Useless for Fat Loss?

Is the Cross Traininer/Elliptical Machine Useless for Fat Loss?

Article by Yuri Elkaim

If you are using an elliptical-type machine for intervals, then I believe that you are not getting the results you deserve. Especially if you’re not using my Elliptical MP3 Workouts! In my opinion, the elliptical machines are one of the least effective methods for losing fat when used in the traditional way most people employ them.

What do I mean by that? Well, most people like the elliptical machine because it seems easy and low stress on the body and joints. This means that you’re not doing any work!!!The elliptical is only effective once the resistance is kicked up several notches so you feel like your muscles are actually working instead of simply going along with the machines momentum for a nice stroll in the park!

If used properly, this machine can be a miracle fat burning as it activates more muscle than any other form of cardio. However, do it incorrectly and you’re wasting your time.

We recently ran a focus group on my Elliptical MP3 Workouts in a local gym in Toronto. Asking people to try these iPod/MP3 cardio workouts, I came across a fit young woman whom I always see on the elliptical. So I asked her if she would be willing to give the program a shot. She said certainly and then immediately asked if she could still read her magazines while doing the workout. After asking why she reads during her elliptical workouts she replied “Because it passes the time and I don’t get as bored.”

I assured that these workouts are very engaging through my auditory coaching and heart pumping cardio music and that they provide a challenge that she’s probably never experienced.

Ten minutes after she started the workout, I came back to see how she was doing. To my delight she was glistening with sweat and out of breath! After the 30-minute workout she came back to me and said it was one of the most challenging, enjoyable, and motivating workouts that she’d ever done. She didn’t need to read her magazines and she was blown away at the technology and value that the program provided her.

The moral of the story is that our Elliptical MP3 Workouts are designed based on what scientific studies tell us about what works and what doesn’t. These workouts challenge not only your cardiovascular system, but also all of your bodies muscles because they incorporate a significant resistance component.

So the problem is not the elliptical itself — it’s just that it tends to allow/promote momentum (as most people have the resistance too low) from bodyweight alone. So unless you crank up the resistance and actually produce some force and/or MOVE your bodyweight – it’s nothing but momentum. So if you’re not actively using your muscles to produce some sort of force you aren’t burning many calories!

So if you’re serious about burning fat and training your cardiovascular system, then check out our Elliptical MP3 Workouts for the greatest elliptical workout of your life!

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Yuri Elkaim is a Certified Kinesiologist, Registered Holistic Nutritionist, former Professional Soccer Player, the Head Strength & Conditioning Coach for the University of Toronto men’s soccer program, and regarded by many as Canada’s leading Fitness expert. His trademarked Fitter U

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