Final Phase Fat Loss Review

Final Phase Fat Loss Review

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Well done, you have reached the tail end of your weight loss program and are beginning to look and feel great. However, you know you still have a little way to go before you reach your target weight and this is always the hardest part. You will find, once you get down to the final few pounds, Final Phase Fat Loss will be able to help you. This is an ebook that advocates workouts that will burn the last of the fat that you are trying to lose in only 6 weeks. Final Phase Fat Loss is basically a workout program, providing you with a 6 week course of workouts which you need to do 4 times every week – in other words, a workout that has 24 repetitions.1. How Does The Final Phase Fat Loss Work?The author of Final Phase Fat Loss is John Romaniello who lost weight himself many years ago and now sports the epitome of muscle workout! Basically, each of the 4 workouts over the week are designed to get rid of some of the most stubborn fat and re-calibrate your internal hormone balance. These workouts are particularly effective in encouraging your metabolism to burn fat. However, a word of warning: these Final Phase Fat Loss workouts are designed for people who can cope with strength workouts: they are not for beginners to attempt. That said, there are 4 different types of workouts included in the Final Phase Fat Loss package. These include:2. What Does The Final Phase Fat Loss Include?

Lactic Acid TrainingHeavy StrengthDensity TrainingDynamic TrainingThe Lactic Acid training is worked slowly to encourage your body to release more lactic acid into your system. This effect causes an increase in growth hormones and a corresponding decrease in cortisol. It is cortisol that can cause fat to build up in the abdominal area. Heavy Strength workout is included in the Final Phase Fat Loss to increase your strength and develop a profound muscle base. The next set of muscle training that the Final Phase Fat Loss has included is the Density Training. This kind of workout is particularly demanding and most definitely not for beginners as they are quite difficult.The intention of Density Training is to reduce the amount of oestrogen hormone circulating as this can increase the storage of fat in specific areas, one of which can result in “man boobs”. Finally, there is the Dynamic Training that is intended to encourage the hormone IGF-1. These final two kinds of exercises included in the Final Phase Fat Loss are particularly difficult to achieve but the results are excellent.3. Bottom Line.The Final Phase Fat Loss is an excellent program that encourages weight loss through intense bouts of exercise which, if you are fit, then this is a great program. If you are a beginner at exercise, you would do well to build up your muscles first before tackling the kind of exercises advocated in the Final Phase Fat Loss.

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