Cardio Exercises Can Burn Fat Fast!

Cardio Exercises Can Burn Fat Fast!

Article by Samuel L Neate

If you have been confused about which exercises are best for burning body fat, you are not alone. Many experts have claimed that low intensity drills are better like walking, and yet others say that running which is considered high intensity is better. Which is it?

The answer, as shocking as it might be, is that both of these types of excercise can burn your body fat. However you need to understand your body fat burning zone to find which is more effective for you.

Years ago, scientific research figured out that while your body was undergoing intense excercise, you would burn gylcogen. This is basically a form of carbs that is stored in your muscles and liver and used for low intensive excercise. They also discovered that during low intensity exercise, your body would actually burn fat. Well low and behold, everyone changed their workout routines.

Did it work out well for fat people? Not a chance. Even though the science was right, there was something missing. What it is?

You see, during high intensity excercises, our bodies burn many more calories. Calories can be made up of both those stored in the form of glycogen as well as fat. Because we burn significantly more calories during high activity, and much less during low activity, the proportionate ratio of fat calories burned ends up being more.

Even better, when you burn those big amounts of calories, your “store” of glycogen gets low. Then when you eat, the carbs that you intake get put back into the “store” instead of being converted to fat cells and adding to your fat deposits.

Another good point to mention about high intensity cardio is that you increase your metabolism when doing so. Think of your metabolism like an internal “furnace”. The hotter it gets, the more calories you continue to burn even after your workouts are over. Low intensity workouts never get the “furnace” hot, so thus calorie burning essentially returns to normal once your are done with your activity.

A good form of training actually combines both high and low cardio intensity workouts. This is called interval training. Basically eliptical machines or treadmills do this for you when you set it to a pre-programmed workout. It allows you to excercise fast for a few minutes, then go into a low intensity session for a few minutes and then back again to a high intensity session.

If you faithfully do this interval training 5 days a week for 30 minutes a day, you’ll steadily improve your cardio vascular system as well as lose extra body fat and weight.

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