2 Reasons To Ditch The Treadmill To Burn Fat Faster

2 Reasons To Ditch The Treadmill To Burn Fat Faster

Article by Katie Faulkner

Do you run on the treadmill every day hoping to burn off fat and get in better shape? If you do, then you need to know that treadmills aren’t the best exercise for fat burning, in fact, it may be making it harder for you to burn fat off your body permanently.

Here’s 2 reasons that you should walk away from the treadmill and never look back…

#1 – It’s Hard On Your Body

Jogging on a treadmill is not that hard of an exercise, but it is hard on your body. Every time you take a step it impacts your joints, which can really add up over time. When you get tired near the end of your workout it will be even more pronounced, especially if you jog for a long time (an hour or so).

Better exercises to do would be the more intense ones so you aren’t doing the same joint-pounding motion for an hour at a time. Weight lifting and wind sprints (preferably on grass) are much better for your joints, and will help you burn fat faster.

#2 – The Treadmill May Be Hindering Your Fat Burning

If you’ve been jogging on a treadmill every day for any amount of time, you may have noticed the lack of results that you’re getting from doing it. Jogging for extended periods isn’t a great way to burn fat, in fact it can actually keep you from burning fat.

Your body will start to burn fat and muscle tissue to keep itself going after all the carbs in your body have been used up. Burning your muscle tissue will result in a lower metabolism and will make it increasingly harder to lose weight and keep it off permanently.

Switch to more intense exercises that promote muscle gain (they won’t make you “big”). As you build lean muscle on your body, your metabolism will rise and burning fat will become easier.

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