How To Lose The Stomach Fat – Try These 3 Tips

How To Lose The Stomach Fat – Try These 3 Tips

Article by William Burnell

Have you ever worked out how much time you spend sitting down? I cannot say I have, but it would have to be a lot. We sit on our way to work; we sit when we get to work; we sit on our way home and we sit when we get home. The trouble is, while we are sitting we are not using much energy. This means we are storing energy in the form of fat and we are storing it on our stomachs.

If we want to burn fat we need to use energy. By sitting so much we are probably adding to our stomach fat. In addition to that, we are eating foods high in calories. The simple rule is if we are taking in more energy or calories than we are using, we will store that excess energy as fat. Here are three simple things to try that could help lose the stomach fat.

Move Around More

Incidental movement uses energy. A number of small movements during the day add up. Find reasons to get up and move around periodically. Get up from your desk and stretch or walk down the hallway or office to talk to a colleague rather than send an email or phone. Use the stairs instead of an escalator or elevator. Walk on the escalator instead of standing. Find reasons to walk somewhere during you lunch break. Get up and move around every now and then when you are watching television. When you use the car, park a little further from your destination. Look for ways to move around and to exercise and you will find many opportunities.

Cut Down On Bread

Most of us eat a lot of bread. After all, it is one of our staples and it goes with most meals – toast of a morning; sandwiches or rolls at lunch; bread or rolls with dinner; hotdogs or hamburgers for snacks or meals. This bread, particularly white bread, contains a lot of calories. Unless we are moving – exercising enough to burn up these calories – we will put on weight. In fact, bread is one of the worst foods for adding to our stomach fat. If you want to lose the stomach fat, cut down on the bread. Do some research and find some substitutes, as it will be worth it. Even changing the type of bread could help: spelt bread instead of wheat.

Eat More Protein

The body uses more energy digesting protein than it does digesting carbohydrates. Even when your body is at rest, such as when you are sitting, your body is working harder to break down the protein. This helps counter the calories and gives you energy for longer, so you do not need to top up with more carbohydrates, which can add to stomach fat. You can get this protein from lean meat and eggs. Nuts are also a good source of protein but they are very dense and have high calorie content, so you do not need a lot of them. You will reduce or lose the stomach fat if you can make these three changes in your life.

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