P90X Reviews – Part 1 Getting started with P90X

P90X Reviews – Part 1 Getting started with P90X

Article by Kevin Pavilonis aka vinfit90

Hello and welcome, in my multi-part P90X reviews I intend on giving you a complete and honest review of every aspect of this program to help you make a decision on whether to try this program.

Decision time…

If you come to a point in your life and you are unhappy with the way you look or feel this is the fitness program for YOU! You and only you can make the decision to change, Beachbody offers the greatest tools but it’s up to you to give it you’re 100% commitment and make the change. This program will challenge you endlessly if you give this program your all.

This 90 day program takes the guesswork out of what to eat, what not to eat and how much and when. What is so great about P90X is that they really mix the type of exercises up. This is what they refer to as “muscle confusion” they use a combination of weights, yoga, Kenpo karate, plyometrics, core synergistics and more as well as an abdominal routine that really gets results! It’s not the typical gym routine where you do the same old routine doing the same amount of sets & reps day in and day out.

So get yourself motivated and jump into this program, you have nothing to lose except some unwanted body fat.

This program was created by a world renowned fitness trainer by the name of Tony Horton. This guy is in his 50’s and he is in incredible shape. He really motivates you through all the workouts and does it in a way that is not annoying like so many other videos out there on the market.

Although this program is not geared to the beginner or someone that has not worked out in some time I would not disregard this program completely or you would be doing yourself a huge disservice. I feel this program is THAT good; I would suggest another Beachbody fitness program to start as a base before you jump into the X.

If you do feel that you are in decent shape but are a little apprehensive with giving this program a try don’t worry. In this program they show you different levels to which you can perform the exercises which is so great. You can do the easier form of the exercises until you build strength then you can try the harder versions of the exercise so no worries Tony shows you the way!!

What you get when you order this program.

* The P90X workout guidebook which explains everything that you need and to know about this program. Fit test sheets, breakdown of each workout and exercises and workout worksheets to keep track of your progress.* P90X Nutrition Guide* P90X Calendar* P90X “How to bring it video”* The (12) full workouts (DVD or VHS) Which are:1) Chest & back2) Plyometrics3) Shoulders & arms4) Yoga x5) Legs & back6) Kenpo x7) X stretch8) Core synergistics9) Chest, shoulder & triceps10) Back & biceps11) Cardio x12) Ab ripper x

I will break down each one of these workouts in upcoming articles through my P90X reviews series.

For the cost of this program you really get your moneys worth. I have learned so much during my first round (and continue to do so). I will certainly be doing more rounds of the X in the near future.

The pounds & body fat that I was able to shed doing this workout program is truly priceless!

Be sure to read my next P90X reviews article in this series.Till next time……….stay motivated & take care of yourself.

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I am an independent Beachbody fitness coach, I am getting the word out on just how effective Beachbody’s workout programs are and how it can help you get in great shape! Please visit my website http://www.vinfit90.com to see how you can get started to a new you! I will help you with my free online fitness coaching.

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