P90X Review

P90X Review

Article by Michael L. Cooper

Well the rave of P90X has been going on since its birth back in 2004 and just so you know the P90X reviews are in. The question most people want to know is “Is P90X the right exercise program for me?” Well first of all let’s see what we’re getting. When you get the system delivered to your house you’ll notice that it comes with 12 exercise videos. However these are not just “Exercise videos”. They are videos covering all aspects of you new found fitness adventure. The exercise videos are there but there are also videos on yoga and stretching which is very important in this program. The videos also go into great detail their nutritional program. So they asses your diet needs and help get you on a meal plan to help take the fat off faster. There is also a trainer, Tony Horton, who is there to provide you with insight and motivation to your progress. These guys are true professionals and its nice having them in the room with you while you’re training. The diet aspect of the program allows you to consume different types of foods and doesn’t encourage calorie restriction because you’re going to need those calories for your workouts. Rather encourages overall healthy choices and habits. The workout routines are never boring. Unlike some traditional methods, P90X is focused on muscle confusion which means that you’re never doing the same thing twice in a row. This way you keep the body guessing and adjusting to new and different exercises to avoid plateau. The intensity of the workouts is at an all time high. P90X has the most rigorous routines I’ve seen so far. That includes the resistance training as well as the conditioning and even the yoga. The exercises are mostly body weight based, there is minimal equipment needed for these exercise however you may be required to purchase extra if you don’t already own any. The workout schedule involves a 90 day program where you’re never repeating the same workout in a week. There are 6 days of training and 1 day of rest and stretching per week. After 90 days you should see a dramatic difference your physical fitness and body. Not only does your body change but your overall health changes as well. You become stronger, better conditioned, increased immune system, increased metabolism, and increased nutritional intake with the new meal plans they’ve got you on. After a review of P90X I’ve concluded that there is no other program out there that even compares to the overall healthy lifestyle that Tony Horton is portraying. Its intense workouts are in a class of its’ own and the results are there. Those testimonials are not actors or fitness professionals they are real people who have dedicated 3 months or their lives to transform their bodies and lifestyles for ever. If that is the kind of results you want as well as the kind of commitment you’re willing to make then GET IT NOW. For more information on P90X visit MY BLOG.

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