The Benefits of Vitamin D in The Diet Solution Program

The Benefits of Vitamin D in The Diet Solution Program

Article by Donald James

When you start planning out a diet program, it's easy to get so focused on weight loss that you neglect one very important area: adequate nutrition. If you're not getting enough of the vitamins and minerals that you need, not only can this harm your health, it can actually slow down your weight loss efforts.

If you're making a checklist of the vitamins that you should be taking while dieting, then don't forget to put Vitamin D on that list.

People with low levels of Vitamin D have much higher rates of obesity, according to numerous studies, including a study of the University of Tennessee which found that 62 percent of pre-operative obesity patients were Vitamin D deficient.

This makes sense, because when a person is Vitamin D deficient there is an increase in fatty acid synthase. This is an enzyme that converts calories into fat. People with Vitamin D deficiency often have as much as five times more fatty acid synthase as people with higher levels of calcium.

A 2007 study by the Women's Health Initiative showed that post-menopausal women taking calcium and Vitamin D supplements weigh less than women who were not taking the supplements. Numerous other studies support the fact that Vitamin D helps reduce body fat (although if you eat a cheesecake every day it won't make up for that!)

Vitamin D isn't just helpful in weight loss; getting sufficient amounts of it keeps people healthy and helps stave off a myriad of illnesses and medical conditions. It is necessary for the proper absorption of calcium. If you don't get enough Vitamin D in your diet, you are almost guaranteed to suffer from osteoporosis as you get older. In addition, it has the potential to fight cancer as well as enhance the body's immune system.

Dr. Cedric Garland of the University of California, San Diego, issued a report saying that rates of colon, breast and ovarian cancer can be reduced dramatically by increasing everyone's intake of Vitamin D. The correlation between taking vitamin D and lower rates of cancer is so strong that Garland believes that the U.S. Government should be recommending Vitamin D as a method of reducing cancer rates.

Garland and colleagues recommended taking 1000 IU of vitamin. Of course, you would want to consult with a physician to find out what amount is considered safe and effective for you, and the amount would be lower for children.

Vitamin D can be obtained through food, vitamin supplements, or sunlight. In fact Vitamin D has been referred to as the "sunshine vitamin," but scientific studies actually show that many people do not get enough sunlight daily to provide adequate levels of Vitamin D.

This is especially true in our modern industrialized world, where many people work a 9 to 5 schedule and during the winter months when it gets dark early, get very little exposure to sunlight.

People with darker skin also do not absorb Vitamin D as easily as people with lighter skin.

In fact, Caucasian skin synthesizes vitamin D six times faster than dark skin, according to a report by Nina G. Jablonski and George Chaplin in Scientific American. According to the report, African Americans have about half the levels of Vitamin D of Caucasians.

So don't rely on sunlight alone within your diet solution program; taking Vitamin D in the form of supplements or food is important for anyone's health when focusing on natural weight loss.

The Benefits of Vitamin D in The Diet Solution Program

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