HCG Diet: 500 Calorie Diet

HCG Diet: 500 Calorie Diet

Article by Alejandro

HCG Diet: 500 Calorie DietOne of the main questions I always get asked about the HCG Diet is about the 500 calories. How can you do HCG Diet and survive off only 500 calories? Well the answer is simple. It is what the HCG does for you: it pulls your fat from your excess storage and turns that fat into calories (energy) for you. On average it turns about 2,000 to 2,500 calories of fat into energy for you. That is close to a pound of fat a day. So with the 500 calories that you eat plus the 2,000 to 2,500 calories from your stored fat you will have about 2,500 to 3,000 calories for your body to use daily. That is more than enough calories to survive. To do this 500 calorie diet without the HCG is not possible without complications. HCG Diet: Why other Diets FailIn the case of most diets, they have you consume way too few calories. Your body always wants to stay normal and does not respond well to quick fluctuation. Your body gets used to holding the excess weight you’ve carried for a while. You body adjusts to your current weight (even if you are obese) and maintains its unhealthy fat storage. So any quick fluctuation from that point is a shock to your body. So when you starve yourself or eat too few calories, your body’s natural defense is to go into what is called a “starvation” mode and it will automatically start storing everything you eat as fat. So this is what happens with most diets, you eat less, lose muscle weight and put your body into a starvation mode. Unhealthy dieting also causes metabolism to considerably slow down. So the moment you get off the diet and start your typical eating habits again, your body over-reacts and over compensates. So you gain all your weight back and then some extra. This is not the case with HCG diet. HCG Diet: SolutionBecause of having the proper energy in your system due to the HCG, your body never goes into a “starvation” mode. The HCG burns unwanted stored fat, generally the fat is burned from the areas where you carry it the most. You will lose weight quickly and will be able to maintain your weight loss even after you have finished a complete round of the HCG diet. In addition, another benefit of HCG is that it helps increase your metabolism through the HCG Diet Program. The HCG diet and foods that are allowed are very specific for this reason and should be followed without any modifications.If you have any questions about HCG Diet visit my website: http://healthysolutionshcg.com/HCGDietWeightLoss/ Or email any HCG Diet Program question to: info@hcgdietsouthtexas.comHCG Diet questions and answers.

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