Treating Diarrhea in Dogs – 5 Effective Ways to Give Relief

Treating Diarrhea in Dogs – 5 Effective Ways to Give Relief

Article by Alex Howell

The man’s best friend is no exception to diarrhea; dogs could have this as well. Dog diarrhea is apparently occurring if there is an excessive amount of water in the feces.

Such disorder is an alarming sign of intestinal disease that could lead to extreme fluid loss and eventually to dehydration, electrolyte disturbances, imbalance in acid or base composition and worst death if it would develop to a more severe condition within twenty-four hours. To avoid these, every dog-lover should then be aware of different ways on treating diarrhea in dogs.

Dog diarrhea is caused by several and different factors such as eating an item that could upset stomach like spoiled food or eating a thing that is not a food actually (toxins, drugs, or dead animals). A sudden in change in diet, stress, bacterial or viral infections, or intestinal parasites are also the common causes of dog diarrhea. Therefore, treating diarrhea in dogs will greatly depend on its cause. The following could reduce the severity of such disease and at the same time could give immediate relief to your pet dog:

1. For acute disorders, in order to stabilize the intestinal tract, it is recommended to withhold food intake for about a day or half. This physiologic rest acts as a therapy to your dog’s stomach especially on the intestines as it gives ample time for the healing of the tract lining.

2. After a day, you can gradually give your dog a bland and low fat diet that is easily digestible. Give this in small amount but in frequent intervals to boost your dog’s digestive system. Boiled beef/chicken and boiled rice/potato are examples of this diet.

3. Accompanying the correct type of food should be sufficient amount of fluids such as fresh water and oral dehydrating solutions in order to replace the excessive loss known as dehydration. In addition, the acid and base balance is repaired by substituting missing electrolytes throughout the fight of diarrhea.

4. Generally in most cases, de-worming would be a great idea to get rid of the parasites that causes dog diarrhea.

5. For several cases, the use of antibiotics, intestinal adsorbents and medications to give relief and protection to the intestinal tract lining may also be useful. However, these methods of treating diarrhea in dogs should be prescribed by a veterinary doctor.

While your dog guards your home every day, during this time that your pet is in indispensable condition, it is the time that you closely monitor your dogs’ overall action and appetite aside from giving the necessary treatment. Be aware and check for any blood incidence in the stool, symptom worsening, or the onset of vomiting. Be your pet’s best friend this time.

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