Fat Burning Furnace Product Review – Does this weight loss program really work?

Fat Burning Furnace Product Review – Does this weight loss program really work?

Article by Will Schwartz

Fat Burning Furnace: Comprehensive Product Review

Want to lose weight fast? Tried all sorts of “healthy weight loss diets” that just don’t work? No matter what you do, even if you reduce stomach fat and lose weight, the results are never permanent?

In this review we will take a look at the Fat Burning Furnace program and analyze if it can really help you lose weight and reduce belly fat in a fast and healthy manner.

Does the Fat Burning Furnace cover just the basics, or does it really give you a comprehensive system of diet and exercise that will get you the results you’re looking for?

The truth of the matter is that most weight loss products and diet regimens do not work. Many supplements and so-called “fat burners” are not healthy. Most healthy weight loss diets involve insane calorie counting and food that just doesn’t taste good.

And the prevailing wisdom in exercise regimes seems to be geared for people already in good shape – NOT for folks who are overweight and need to lose weight fast in a healthy safe manner, reduce stomach fat and keep it off permanently.


The Fat Building Furnace is an e-book is written by Rob Poulos, a health and fitness expert who used to be severely overweight himself. Through his own experiences of trial and error, Rob seems to have found the best methods to trigger fat loss and boost metabolism.

The e-book itself is divided into 2 separate sections: A nutritional section that focuses on diet and eating habits, and the exercise section that focuses on specific fat burning workouts that are short and simple.

The entire guide is over 100 pages, and this system is designed to work for men and women form any age group. What separates this e-book from the crowd is a simple, easy to understand approach to diet and exercise that shows you step-by-step how to burn fat fast using the most time efficient methods and eat right so you keep it off.


Rob goes into great detail explaining how you can eat the right mix of carbohydrates, protein and fats to ensure maximum fat loss results. He provides a list of the top 15 best and worst foods, including foods you have to strictly avoid.

The nice thing about Rob’s approach to diet is that it’s simple and fun. Anyone can do it, and the food you eat actually tastes good! There’s NO calorie counting, no supplements, and you can even have late night snacks – as long as you follow the simple rules. FAT BURNING EXERCISESRob has designed a simple workout program that anyone can follow, and you can get results in as little as 45 minutes a week. All the exercises are clearly illustrated and explained and easy to follow.The workout program is designed to teach average folks how to build lean muscle in fast, simple workouts that use the minimum amount of time to build up the most amounts of lean muscles in my body and reduce fat at the same time. The more lean muscles in your body, the more efficient your fat burning machine will become.


Based on the numerous testimonials and firsthand accounts, the Fat Burning Furnace is an excellent program of diet and exercise and a very effective way to lose weight fast and keep it off.

From an overall lifestyle perspective, the Fat Burning Furnace offers a simple and easy way for someone who’s overweight to progress from a beginner level up to more intensive workouts and offers a strong resource to help you achieve and maintain a high level of physical fitness.

Many of the people who used Fat Burning Furnace initially to lose weight stay with the program to develop a more ripped, leaner, sexier body.

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