The 31 Day Fat Loss Cure – Is It for You?

The 31 Day Fat Loss Cure – Is It for You?

Article by Jakey Leo

The 31 Day Fat Loss Cure is a fantastic weight loss program designed by former U.S. Army soldier, Vic Magary. It was during his Army years when he discovered a variety of effective techniques to lose weight quickly. All these techniques are shared in his ebook guide, The 31 Day Fat Loss Cure. The 31 Day Fat Loss cure will provide you with short and yet intensive exercises to help you lose fat fast, at least 10 pounds in just 4 weeks.

It includes 5 workout programs, each 31 days long which involve doing short and intense strength training workouts. Basically, Magary uses the principles of interval training that he learned in the Army to help people lose weight in the quickest time possible. And the coolest part is that he used to be a former fat boy as well until he joined the Army and lost 19 pounds in the first month from these same workouts in the course.

A program will help you lose 20+ lbs in just 31 days of stomach fat. The fitness workouts are divided into two parts: Beginner and Advanced. The Beginner Bodyweight Program. This part is for those who are just starting out in their quest to lose weight or those who have stopped exercising for a long while. This part of the program is primarily designed to help you lose weight fast with rigorous 15-minute exercises. The Advanced Bodyweight Program. Now, this one is geared towards helping you maintain your figure, lose even more weight, and get even fitter. This program is also for those who already have their own exercise routines or those enrolled in a gym. Since the exercises are just short, it certainly is not difficult to stick with your exercise routine and supplement them with these workouts.

31 Day Fat Loss Cure is a weight gain and weight loss program that shows you different workouts with a particular diet named the “caveman style diet”. The whole idea behind Vic Magary’s diet plan is “If a caveman didn’t have processed food to eat those days then we should not eat it also” . This regime offers a free presentation on “health food”. This food makes you to gain weight. Most o the people consume this fattening food 5 to 6 times a week. This fitness management program offers three power packed exercises which burn fat 9 times faster than any other cardio workout. There is a list of shocking foods in this e-book which burn the very stubborn belly fat.

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