The Medifast Diet Plan – Do You Have the Courage to Stay Fit?

The Medifast Diet Plan – Do You Have the Courage to Stay Fit?

Article by Jenny Jamison

It was when Jason Pharmaceuticals first developed the Medifast diet plan that the hype about weight loss began again. It was viral! The diet is particularly developed for those who want to put off the unhealthy bulk using the “5 and 1” diet plan. It was indicated in that this plan will surely help those who want to lose weight faster and safer. Medifast assures their consumers that they don’t have to think about measuring their calories and carbohydrates consumption because this meal plan is already pre-measured and pre-packed. You won’t see the conventional point system of other diet plans. To start with the program is easy – you just have to buy the pre-packed meals and enjoy the weight loss.

The “5 and 1” plan obliges the dieter to consume 5 Medifast meals and 1 Lean and Grean meal every day. Each of the 5 Medifast meals should be consumed in two to three hour-intervals. With the Medifast meal, dieters can also add some oatmeal, pudding, shakes, soup and eggs to their diet as well. You can choose from a variety of 50 meals. Great isn’t?

On the Lean and Green Meal, the “Lean” part is mostly consisted of 7 ounces of fish, turkey or chicken, or 5 ounces of lamb, pork or beef. The “Green” part on the other hand gives dieters a choice from 2 cups of green salad with additional quarter of vegetables and 1 to 2 teaspoons of low-fat salad dressing. Or they can also choose 1 and

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