Medifast FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions About the Medifast Diet (and Answers You Need!)

Medifast FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions About the Medifast Diet (and Answers You Need!)

Article by Tina Bardo

In this article I’d like to take a closer look at some frequently asked questions about the Medifast diet. The simple truth is that we are ALL so conditioned to be skeptical, or even simply reserved about starting a new diet that offers a ton of promise. (no pun intended..:-) Medifast is really no different – for with all of the phenomenal results you see reported both online and off, many folks have MORE questions than they do answers. As a big fan and active advocate of the Medifast diet, here are some of the common questions I’ve answered recently, in the hopes that they help give you the information you need as well! Read on..:-)

Is the Medifast Diet Safe?

Absolutely! Millions of people have used Medifast and doctors around the world recommend the program many times each and every day. If you are diabetic, (there are plenty of Medifast options for you, too!) or over 65, I recommend you speak to your doctor, or learn more before getting started!

How Does the Medifast Diet Taste?

Of course this is a completely subjective question….but I say GREAT! The foods are amongst the very best in my opinion on ANY meal replacement program you are going to find, and obviously Medifast spends a ton of money on research and development to make sure they KEEP getting better. And when you realize you are getting closer to your ideal body weight with each and every meal….that TOO has a strange way of making them ALL taste that much better!

How Much Weight Should I Lose if I Follow the Program?

20 Pounds every 30 days is VERY do able. Medifast suggests that 2-5 pounds for every week on the diet is standard, and while results DO vary from person to person, in my experience, just about everyone I’ve spoken to has done that or BETTER.

Does the Medifast Diet Require LOTS of Exercise?

No it does not. The low calorie nature of the program should be MORE than sufficient to help you lose weight. With that said, exercise is ALWAYS good…and in my view, the more you can do, the better off you’ll be!

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Tina is and author and advocate for weight loss and nutrition across the internet. She is passionate about weight loss and helping others liberate their mind, body and spirit by practicing healthy and rapid weight loss techniques……and getting back the beautiful bodies they deserve, specializing in the Medifast diet program.

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