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Outlaw Bodybuilder Thumbs Nose At Weight Loss “Experts” Who Earn Fortunes On The Sweat And Dreams Of Young Men & Women

It’s a fact – 95% of the people who go on conventional diets gain all the weight back and sometimes they end up fatter than when they started.

When you mention bodybuilders, some people think of steroids or fat burning drugs. It’s sad but true – most pro bodybuilders take them. But the joke’s on them. Drugs work, but the results are temporary and the side effects are nasty. The tiny handful of natural bodybuilders who have learned how to use training and nutrition science to alter body composition without drugs are the only people in the world who keep their fat loss and muscle gains permanently.

When I started Tom’s Burn The Fat diet program in January, I weighed 317 pounds. As of Dec. 1st, I weigh 226 lbs. 91 pounds of fat gone forever is a pretty cool thing! And by the way… I turned 40 this year, so if anyone out there is thinking that you are “too old” – think again.

Chris Brooke,Marietta, GA

When I started the program in September, I was 248 pounds with 24% bodyfat. With Tom’s information, I have been able to lose 43 pounds – all of it fat. My Body fat is now 12%. I also no longer spend 0 a month on supplements.

Jerry McBride,Philadelphia, PA

It doesn’t matter what your goals are: Most of the principles are the same whether you want to lose 10 pounds or 100 pounds; whether you want to be 13% body fat or 3% body fat; whether you want to compete in a bodybuilding or fitness show or you just want to look good in a shorts and a tank top.

Whatever your goals, when you finally decide to stop making the same mistakes that have been holding you back and you diligently begin applying the techniques in Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle, you can literally choose any body you want!

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