Best Weight Loss Pills Over the Counter Get Fda Approved – Alli

Best Weight Loss Pills Over the Counter Get Fda Approved – Alli

Article by Suki Tan

Since getting FDA approval for weight loss pills takes a long time, companies usually sell them on the Internet as soon as they make them, without testing. This is something you should keep in your mind when you buy weight loss pills online.

What are the supplements approved by the FDA, you might wonder. It’s not that easy to answer, as non-prescription and prescription drugs are not treated the same. Whether non-prescription drugs are approved by FDA or not, depends on how strong they are. A good example is Xenical, a fat-blocker that can be prescribed and can’t be sold over the counter. On the other hand, Alli, is also a fat blocker, but is only half the strength of Xenical, so it can be sold over the counter.

Here are some things to look at when researching the best weight loss pills and supplements that aren’t FDA approved.

1. Talk with a doctor before buying, to find out what information they have about the drugs you want to purchase.

2. Look on the Internet for information on those supplements, for reviews that aren’t biased. That might not be easy, since the huge number of companies that are on the market all compete for your attention.

3. You should know that these weight loss pills can have different effects on people. Just because one of your friends used a certain pill without any problems or side effects, it doesn’t mean that the same will happen to you.

The FDA and its approval process make sure that buyers know what drugs are safe and OK to buy, since there are many studies done on them. If the FDA approval doesn’t exist, you should conduct your own research online and find out opinions on those weight loss pills.

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