About popular Weight Loss Pills

About popular Weight Loss Pills

Article by Ojars Rubenis

Race after beautiful bodies and successfully looking people force us to look after ourselves. Everyone want at least look successful isn’t it? This is the cause of the huge popularity of weight loss pills.

Before you decide to go for slimming pill remember that it won’t do any miracles if you won’t work on yourself. You still will have to look after what you eat and do some exercises and only then you’ll see a positive change.

Briefly about popular weight loss pills:


This is a very popular product and it is made from a cactus-like plant extract. Everywhere it is presented as natural appetite suppressant. It’s potentially risky product because it hasn’t been approved by FDA.


Also this drug is well known under the names Size Zero Pill or Size 0 pill. It got its nickname because of famous models which after using this drug appeared to look extremely undernourished and starved. This pill extremely unsafe; it increases heart rate and body temperature what helps burn fat. Also it suppresses appetite for 9 hours after it’s consumed.


This is a fat burner or fat blocker. Simply speaking, reduce calories and you will lose weight. As we know, consumption of fat is the main cause of excess calorie intake; Alli blocks about 25% of the consumed fat and before it gets digested passes through the body naturally.

It’s considered as an effective weight loss pill but with one negative side. You must limit your fat intake to 15gms per meal; if you fail to meet this requirement you might experience very unpleasant side effects such as diarrhoea, bowel movements, very frequent toilet visits etc.


Alli and Xenical are similar; their composition is the same so their limitations and usefulness (!) will be similar.

Ephedra (ephedrine alkaloid)

This substance is widely used in many dietary supplements. It provides appetite suppression properties. Dark side of this drug is that it is banned due to being dangerous for health. Anyway, this drug is still available on the Internet.

Ma Huang

It’s a Chinese name for Ephedra and this drug also is banned in USA.

Bitter Orange

This pill is similar to Ephedra because of its positive and negative effects. Actually it was sold as a replacement of Ephedra. This drug is risky because of unknown long terms effects.

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