Acai Berry Diet – How I lost 20 lbs in 10 Days Using the Acai Berry Weight Loss Supplement!

Acai Berry Diet – How I lost 20 lbs in 10 Days Using the Acai Berry Weight Loss Supplement!

Article by Jessica

I’ve never been one of “those girls”. You know, the girls who can eat whatever they want and not gain a pound. I thought I would never escape the life of fat jokes and cruel looks, until I tried a free trial of the Acai berry weight loss supplement. Truthfully, I didn’t expect much when I picked up the phone and ordered my free trial of the Acai berry supplement. When I started feeling more energized I thought it was a coincidence, but when I started feeling all together better I was convinced, the very next day I ordered my free trial of Colon Cleanse supplement.Step One – #1 Acai Berry Diet SupplementStep Two – #1 Colon Cleanser ProductThe Truth Was in the NumbersWhen I first started seeing the numbers drop on my scale, I couldn’t believe it. I thought, there is no way I’m losing this much weight from my tiny diet and daily walks alone. That’s when it hit me, I read the bottle of the Acai berry supplement and the colon cleanse bottle, and realized that the claims were true. I was actually loosing roughly two pounds a day! I couldn’t believe I was finally fitting into my pre-pregnancy jeans and not starving myself to do it.The Acai Berry and Colon Cleanse Plan was Easy!The best part about taking these free trial supplements was that it was easy. Every morning with my breakfast I simply took one Acai berry supplement pill and one colon cleanse pill. At first it was a bit strange making bowel movements daily. Before I only went once every few days, and when I talked about it with my doctor she explained that we are supposed to make two a day! She told me that most people don’t make regular bowel movements because of poor eating habits, but the colon cleanse was regulating me, which actually reduced all the bloating I thought was normal. I felt so relieved after the first three days, my skin was clearing up, the weight was melting away, and I was feeling great. For once I could wake up in the morning and go for a jog. Not only could I go for a jog, but I didn’t have to hit the snooze button fifteen times before actually waking up.The Reason I tell My Story about Acai Berry Weight LossThe Acai berry weight loss and colon cleanse diet supplements changed my life. I can finally look in the mirror and smile about my weight, without faking it. My friends and family all noticed how quickly my mood and appearance changed, and life was finally the way it was supposed to be.I make it a point to share my success with every person I meet. If this could make such a big change in my life, I can only wonder how much happiness it can bring to others. My mom and sister are both trying their hand at the Acai Berry and Colon Cleanse combo. They have been doing it for six days and have lost a combined total of twenty pounds.

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